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Trelex Residency, Amazon Rainforest, Madre de Dios Peru December/January 2015/16.  



This is the beginnings of the recording of the Encounter I staged with the rainforest, investigations into which would continue as part of the PhD.

Walking through the forest.  Photographing with the focus at the furthest possible distance with the desire generate a sense of the forest continuing for ever, even though knowing this is not the case.

Making drawings using mud from the forest.  Puddles registering the movement of insects overnight, imprints of rain and pipette drawings of plants. Sizes various up to A3.

Tonal investigations

Clusterings and pairings of plants.  Cyanotype.

Work made on return, with materials from the rainforest.

Insect eaten/sculpted leaves.  Remember after the fall, rainfall. Paper, leaves and thread 42cm x 29cm

Rainfall - digital sketch

Cyanotypes from pressed plants brought back from Peru 35cm x 28cm

With reference to Bachelard's nests.   

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